Recent  Works 2015-21

David has been inspired by working with a limited palate and building layers of oil and glazes.  The art of Edward Hopper provides thematic inspiration and telling stories through images of personal experiences drives David's art.  The current environment has inspired a thematic approach around 'Isolation and Solitude'. Both landscapes and human interactions provide inspiration.

Le Pouldu, Brittany, France
Pink Granite Coast, Brittany
Sunset at Tapu Bay
Pohutukawa on Waiheke
Solitary Violinist, Tasmania
Solitude and Skytower, Auckland
Chitwan at Dawn, Nepal
Boat, Pokhara, Nepal
Four Generations - Nepal
Prayer, Kathmandu
Faith, Food and Shelter - Nepal
Pathway to riches
Digital Alien in Wanaka
Digital Alien
Memories of Arras
Window to recovery - Christchurch
Looking to Brighton
Hallway to_  Hungary
Pathway to Peace
Murano -Italy
Window on Bologna
Whirling Dervish -Bologna
Why Me - Choggia, Italy
Looking out to Hell
Last Letter Home
Memories of Arras
Stairway to Hell - Arras, France
Trench to the new - Ypres
Bullet in brick
Lighting the way - Arras, France
Behind the Wire - Arras, France
Should I go or should I stay_
Dancing to Forget
Tree of Life
Old in the new, Budapest
Lakeside -Wanaka
Wanaka reflections
Wanaka colours
Warning, Wanaka
Layers of Wanaka
Len Lye Refelctions
Vent to the world
Monkey Rock, Oregon
Ghent Contrasts
Ghent Houses
Towers of Ghent
Tipple Time
Tipple Time
Gin!  Pencil and watercolour on paper