John Penman

 John, the oldest and wisest twin, lived through disability from cerebral palsy to become an amazing person with warmth, humour and humanity. His life was supported through his Remuera and Mt Albert family, CCS, institutions and finally in supported living as part of the Geneva community of houses in Mangere Bridge. John discovered the joy of art and he was a longstanding artist within Māpura Studios.


Sadly John passed away on 19 February, 2019. He has left a legacy of memories, friendship and a prolific portfolio of art.  Below are samples of the paintings and prints John produced.  

John’s painting has largely been through acrylics on paper and canvas and through some printmaking. John emphasises colour combinations with the use of highlighting marks. He has exhibited works at ArtStation in Ponsonby and held a retrospective show at the Disability Support Centre in Royal Oak.

Untitled Canvas
Lightening Sky Canvas
Storm Canvas
Untitled Canvas
Fiery Sky 2007 500x600 Canvas
Untitled 400x600 Canvas
Where are We?
Untitled 2013 600x400 Canvas
Finding Life 2012 250x500 Canvas
Untitled 2013 400x600 Canvas
Deep in the Red
River of Black 600x400 Canvas
Untitled 2012 300x400 Canvas
Untitled 2016 400x600 Paper
Spring Showers 2016 400x600 Paper
Untitled 400x600 Paper
Wild Colour 2016 400x600 Paper
Untitled 2014 400x600 Paper
Untitled 600x400 Canvas
Untitled 600x400 Canvas
Untitiled 2018 400x600 Card
Campfire 2018  600x400 Chalk and paint
Untitled 2017 250x600 Card
Untitled 2008 300x200 Paper
Untitled 200x300 Print
Summer storm 2008 Print on paper
Bottle of light 600x400
Sitting Room 450x300 Canvas
Golden Rain 400x500 Canvas
Forest Edge 300x500 Canvas
Bush fire 200x500 Canvas
Lavender Fields 2017 450x350 Canvas
Untitled 400x600 Canvas
Lake in the Forest 2017 400x600 Canvas
Forest Edge
Forest colour
Lake in the Forest
Forest Edge 2007 Canvas
Across a Field
Sunset 2007 Canvas
Untitled 2013 350x550 Canvas
Purple Rain 2017 300x400 Paper
Love Series 2007 Canvas 150x250
Untitled 2011 400x550 Canvas
Untitled 600x400 Framed
Untitled 600x400 Paper
Smoke in the forest 600x400 Paper
Forest 600x400 Canvas Framed
Untitled 300x400
Untitled 600x400
Bushfire 400x300 Paper
Summer garden 400x600 Paper
Fire and sunrise 400x600 Paper
John's last painting 2019 600x450